Morten Carlsen

Morten Carlsen has throughout his working life been focused on sound: Concrete sound, synthetic, electronic sound and many different kinds of music. The starting point was the clarinet, saxophone and jazz, free improvisation, folk music from Africa and the East. Later, new music and sound art, both as musician and composer. As improvisator he possesses an extraordinary sharpness and a strong presence which unfolds in an excellent instrument technique. Member of the New Jungle Orchestra 1981 - 2014, he has toured most of the world and collaborated with musicians from China, Vietnam, Bali, Mongolia, Africa and the US. He has been teaching at music academies and institutes for electroacoustics in Denmark and abroad and participated in hundreds of releases. In 2014 he started as lecturer in performance and ethnomusicology at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies of Copenhagen University. Supervisor of soloist education in the academic year 2018/2019 at Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen.